Tommy Lasorda

I always enjoy going to the Fan Forum You have some very smart fans but you also have some funny fans. The other day I read a thread about how Tommy Lasorda was going to meet Bobby Kennedy. Tommy went on to say that Bobby wanted to meet him. One particular fan did not believe this story. He posted  the following "A couple of things struck me as strange about Tommy Lasorda’s comments on the Bobby Kennedy assassination in the story on the Dodgers home page. Lasorda claims that not only was he at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. earlier that day, but that Senator Kennedy invited Lasorda for dinner that night because he really wanted to meet him. Lasorda, he claims, turned down the invitation so he could attend that night’s Dodger game. Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me: The assassination took place in June 1968. Lasorda, who wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar during his brief playing career, was merely a minor league manager from 1965-1972. Yet, he claims not only was he in L.A. that day (despite it being in the middle of his minor league team’s season), but that Bobby Kennedy really wanted to meet him? That would be like Hilary Clinton really wanting to meet Jerry Royster" Bk2

What’s funny is what other fans respondes and even one Dodger official responded by saying the following " I’m the one who wrote the article and Tommy’s story doesn’t suprise me at all. Tommy played in the old Pacific Coast League and befriended a lot of celebrities during his playing days. His friendship with Frank Sinatra started long before he managed the Dodgers. The food and beverage manager of the Ambassador that Tommy mentioned in the article, was one of the most connected guys in Hollywood at the time. He had all the biggest names in film and television hanging out at that hotel in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. So to be friends with him was an invitation to the elite of Hollywood and politics" So it was the food and beverage manager that knew all the Hollywood people ? lol ! Tommy2


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