The Jerk of the day goes to….

The jerk of the day goes to…. Tony Gwynn!!! Congratulations Tony. Let me start by saying that I respect Tony. He is a great baseball player and had a great career. He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Now to my story, I met Tony this morning at a Car Dealership in California. He was there signing for 1 hour, free. I was about the 8th person in line. Once I got to Tony, I said "Hey Tony" and gave him a bat for him to sign and politely asked him "Do you mind putting H.O.F. 2007?" He looked at me angry and replied quickly "Yes I do mind putting that!!" I was surprised by his reaction but stayed calm and told him "Oh ok Tony, no problem" Then he grabs the bat and starts to take some swings at it and talks to himself about how terrible this bat is and how funny collectors are about getting autographs. I just ignored him. He finally puts the bat in the table and says "You intrigue me, I will put H.O.F. 2007 in the bat for you" He then gives me the bat and I tell him "Tony, quick photo" He yells "No man, I signed it already" My friend shot this picture while I look at the camera and he avoids to look at it. One minute, he was angry, the next minute he was happy. I don’t know what was up with the dude, maybe he forgot to eat his breakfast. Who knows! Tonygwynn_2

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