Kell, Fingers & Feller

I had the chance to meet 3 Hall of Famers over the weekend. All 3 were at a Southern California Sports Show. On Saturday, I met George Kell. I had a ball for him to sign. He looked very fragile and was really slow in autographing the items. He was telling the person in front of me that recently he was in a car accident. Georgekell_1 Once it was my turn to meet him, I said hi and gave him the ball. Then after signing my ball, I asked him for a quick picture. I didn’t even notice until later on that we are both holding onto the ball. Cool picture ! Mr. Kell was a nice old guy. Then on Sunday I met Rollie Fingers and Bob Feller. First was Rollie and his interesting mustache. I had a picture of him to sign. Not much of a talker unless you say something to him. Rolliefingers I just said hello and he signed my picture and I asked him to pose a picture with him. He said yes. I can’t believe he still has that mustache. I guess he got used to it. I just hope he gets used to the idea of paying his taxes. Next up was Bob Feller. I also had a picture for him to sign. He had more people wait in line than Fingers. I haven’t seen him come to the West Coast in a while. Maybe that’s the reason for the big line. Mr. Feller is a old guy. He’s 88 years old ! But he had more energy than Kell, who is 84 years old. Bob talked to anyone that would listen. If you asked him something he would respond. When he signed my picture, he said it was a picture of him warming up in Yankee Stadium. He said "That’s Yankee Stadium, I was getting ready to pitch" BobfellerWhen I asked him if I could take a picture with him he said "Yeah sure!" My girfriend was ready to take the picture but a guy who was behind me was interfering us so Bob said "You get over here!" He was pointing at my girlfriend to move to the left side to take the picture. He got my hand and shook it and the picture come out great! Mr. Feller was very nice and it was a pleasure in meeting him. I know he was also a War hero and could of finished his career with alot more wins if it wasn’t because of the War. I mean this is a guy that enlisted to the Navy 2 days after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He spent 44 months aboard U.S.S. Alabama and earned 8 Battle stars. You think any Major League Baseball player would do that right now ?

Check out my pictures I have taken with other Baseball Players.




    Man, you have seen many baseball players! I’ve always wanted to meet baseball players, but don’t know where I can find all the info. You want to give me some advice?

  2. Roberto

    I guess I’m lucky enough to live in Southern California. There are lots of events during the year that the local teams do. Plus there are the Card Shows. Just check the newspapers and read the baseball team sites.

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