Rumors, Martin & Milano

The Baseball trading deadline is near and I have been reading alot lately that the Dodgers are interested in Mark Teixeira. Mteixeira_5 I hope this is not the case. That would just leave James Loney in limbo. 20060928_loney_9rbi_game_2 I don’t feel we need Teixeira. I trust Loney to have a great season. He is having one so far. I really like the way he plays and he seems determined to be here for a long time. I would not make this trade. In fact, I don’t see any other trades I would make besides maybe getting some Pitching help….What’s up with Russell Martin ? He has been struggling lately. Could it be that he is not focused and spending too much time with Alyssa Milano ? Not only his bat can get broken but his heart can too. R4244501905_2 Milano Alyssamainprofilepic_3 seems to be a bad luck charm with the players. So hopefully this is not a serious relationship and Martin can help the Dodgers win the division. Let’s go Dodgers!


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