Eric Davis/Gary Sheffield

41rs10k5g6l__ss500__1A couple of days ago, I had the chance to meet Gary Sheffield. He was signing his new book titled "Inside Power" at a Los Angeles independent book store. It was scheduled for 6:30 pm and I got there around 5:30 pm I entered the bookstore and purchased the book. They told me I can wait outside until Gary comes. So I went outside and talked to a couple of people that I recognized from other events. While waiting outside, I noticed a man walking with an entourage and thought it was Sheffield. While he was walking near me, I noticed it was not Sheffield but Eric Davis, the former Cincinnati Reds player. I was surprised to Ericdavis_2 see him. I asked if he could sign a ball for me and he did. One of the nicest guy you can meet. He signed for everyone that was outside and even took the time to take pictures with the fans. Really nice guy. I have some memories of Eric. I was 12 years old when the Dodgers signed Eric. I was excited. Everyone was talking about a happy reunion with Darryl Strawberry and how they are best friends since childhood. I thought all this was great. I remember looking at the stats of Davis and I was happy that the Dodgers got someone that can help them with speed and power. From 1986 to 1990 he was one of the best. Well things didn’t turn out that great. He was hurt for much of the year and Strawberry had some personal problems to deal with. It was one of the worst seasons in Dodgers history. Davis got traded the following year and was able to have some productive years until he retired in 2001 Since retiring, he has done some charity work for Cancer and even has a website running. I’m glad he is doing great. Garysheffield_2 Well it was about 6:20 pm when Sheffield showed up and the line grew a little since an hour earlier. Not alot of people showed up. When I gave him the book for him to sign it, I told him I will be looking forward in reading it and he said "I hope you like it, it’s an honest book" I have only read the 1st chapter. I wonder if this book talks about how he thinks Latinos are easier to control than African-Americans are. That would be something that I would like to read since I didn’t really understand why he said it. After signing my book, I took a picture with him and told him good luck. He was nice to all the fans and took the time to talk to them. It was cool meeting these 2 guys.


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