Ramonemartinez Last week I met 4 Dodgers. 3 of them were current members of the team and the other one is a former Dodger and now a broadcaster. First I met Ramon Martinez on August 13 He was signing at a Super Market on Cesar Chavez St. in Los Angeles. He was scheduled to be there at 12 pm. Not alot of people showed up. I got there late, around 12:20 and noticed Hpim0140 that Ramon got there at the same time. Only a few people were there. Even so, it was cool meeting him. I got a signed picture of Ramon. Then on August 17 I met Rick Monday and Andre Ethier. I had met these guys before but it’s always nice to get some more stuff signed by them. They were signing for free at the the Society of St. Vincent De Paul. I got Hpim0142 there late, so I was about 100 fans behind in line. Which was bad because the line was moving really slow. Once I met them, I got some things signed. They were really nice and Andre was talking to the fans like always. Then on August 18 I met Jonathan Broxton for the first time. He was signing autographs for free at a Southern California Car Hpim0144_2 dealership. I got there early and it’s a good thing that I did. Alot of people showed up. Jonathan arrived on time and I got him to sign a ball for me. Right on the sweet spot. All 4 Dodgers were nice people and it was cool meeting them all.


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