San Diego Padres

Chaseheadley_3Top picture -Chase Headley-

The San Diego Padres visited the city of Temecula this past Monday. I decided to go and see if I would get lucky and meet Greg Maddux or Trevor Hoffman. I was wrong. Me and my wife got there at 5:45 pm. The event was to start at 7 pm. There was only 5 people in line waiting to go inside the Theatre. I decided to get something to eat. We left and ate and came back at 6:30 By that time, there was already more than 30 people in line. Once inside, we sat down as if we were going to watch a movie. It was really cool. We were presented with a video with highlights of the Padres. Then 10 Padres players came out. Most of them were up and coming players. There were also a couple of minor-leaguers. After a Q & A, we got in line to get autographs. The most notable players were Randy Wolf, Justin Germano and Top Prospects Matt Antonelli and Chase Headley. I got pictures with those 4 guys. Even though I will never be a Padres fan, I was impressed by Headley and Antonelli, they were cool people. I wish them luck next year and I hope they have great careers. Bottom Picture -Matt Antonelli-



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