Who is Tulowitzki ?


Who is Tulowitzki ? This is the answer. Last year I got to meet Troy Tulowitzki and Evan Longoria. Both of them were signing at a Sports Card Show. After getting their autographs, my Wife asked me "We drove up here to get Minor league autographs?" You see, what my sweetie didn’t understand is that you never know if they will become Super Stars. I decided to get them since I heard about them in Baseball America and I knew they were top prospects in their respective teams. Plus they didn’t charge that much for their autographs. I don’t think Tulowitzki will be making any appearances at a Card Show in Southern California and charge cheap for his autograph anytime soon. So it was good reading that article and knowing that Troy has become a great player and the Rockies showed him the respect with that contract. Now it’s Evan’s turn. He didn’t play at the Big Leagues last year, but hopefully he plays for the Rays this year and maybe he can duplicate Tulowitzki’s numbers. We shall see.



  1. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca


    If you don’t know who Troy (Twinkle Toes) Tulowitzki is, than you’ve been sleeping under a rock. Wake up! I got to see him play this past summer in Toronto at the Rogers Centre and he’s definitely a keeper. He reminds me of Derek Jeter and he’s the best at his position.

  2. Roberto

    Hey Mike, actually I do know who he is. I put that title because last year no one knew who he was. Now everyone knows he is the real deal.

  3. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca


    Your Tulowitzki’s autograph is now worth a small fortune and will continue to go up in value. Good investment!

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