Dodgers -Notes- February 4, 2008

Rudy Seanez signs a 1 year deal with the Dodgers. Rick Monday has been inducted to the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Vero Beach wants to know by February 19 if the Dodgers will leave after this Spring Training. The Dodgers will be holding a Caravan in the next 2 days.



  1. Chris

    It is nice to see the Dodgers sign this guy. I like this move and I think he will help them out this year.

    You know WHAT!!! I have been reading so many mlb club’s websites and they all have fanfests. The Blue Jays have no fanfests. I wonder why they don’t have any. I think it is because they are cheap, teams like the Orioles have a fanfest.

    How many games you going to go to in 2008? Any in April? I am going to 1-2 games for sure in April.


    The Ultimate Baseball Collector

  2. Roberto

    What’s up Chris ? I’m not sure how many games I will go this year. Write to the Blue Jays and tell them to have a fanfest! Protest! lol 🙂

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