Dodgers Caravan – Day 1

TakashisaitoHello everyone. I just got back from the Dodgers Caravan that was held at Yankee Doodles in Santa Monica. I got there around 2:30 pm. My brother was already there since the morning. He got a ticket for me that would get you the autographs to meet the Players. 10 People were scheduled to attend. The bad thing was that they split it up into 2 groups. Meaning it would be 5 guys per group. I got in the line where Takashi Saito was going to sign. I really wanted to get his autograph. I got him before at Dodger Stadium but this time I wanted him to sign his name in Japanese. The Dodgers got there around 5:30 pm. We were already in line. I wasn’t far behind since I got ticket # 22 The first guy signing was Jeff Kent. I brought a Bobblehead for him to sign. It looks nice! He signed it on the helmet. After him, I got Fernando Valenzuela to sign a picture that I had with him. Then came Saito. I gave him a ball and told him "Can you sign it in Japanese" He said "Both" I didn’t know what he meant but I didn’t say anything. He got the ball and started signing his name in english and then in Japanese! In the sweet spot! I guess when he said "Both" he meant he was going to sign it in both languages. The signature looks cool. When he gave me the ball, I gave a camera to my sister in law and asked her to shoot a pix. I told Saito "A picture?" and he was ready for the picture. It was awesome. I got a autograph and a picture. After him, was Steve Garvey and Rudy Law. I didn’t have anything for them. They weren’t scheduled to appear so I didn’t bring anything. I just got Garvey to sign a Calendar that they gave away. I didn’t get anything on Law. I just said "Hello" to him. That’s it. I should be there tomorrow for Day 2 of the Caravan that’s going to be held at Universal City. Oh by the way, I met a guy that recognized me from this blog It was funny. He says hello and I was like "Who is this dude?" He told me that he checks my blog often. His name is Nicolas. What’s up Nick!?

Konichiwa! C-ya!


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