Dodgers -Notes- February 10, 2008

As you know, this year will be the last that the Dodgers play at Vero Beach, Florida. It’s going to be a big deal for the reporters. You will read alot of articles about the Dodgers leaving. Ross Newhan of the L.A. Times wrote 2 articles about Dodgertown. One is about the memories of the site and the other one is about racism in the city of Vero Beach. Both are great articles. Bill Plashke of the L.A. Times also wrote a piece. He doesn’t care if the Dodgers no longer players at Vero Beach. The San Bernardino County Sun has this article. I have never been to Vero Beach and I’m not going this year, which means I will never see Dodgertown. I’m a little sad about that but I think it’s the best for the Dodgers to go to Arizona. Mark Sweeney is close to signing with the Dodgers. It’s a non-guaranteed deal.




    I always wanted to go to Vero but never did. My wife was trying to get me motivated this year but I figured the crowds would be large, plus they have the abbreviated Vero schedule anyway with the trip to China and AZ in the works.

    I’ll go see them next year when they move to AZ since I have family in the Phoenix area.

  2. Roberto

    I will do the same. I will see them in Arizona. I can always go back to Vero Beach and see Oriole Town. (Orioles are taking over DodgerTown next year) 🙂

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