Dodgers -Notes- February 16, 2008

Andruw Jones is getting ready for the season. Hiroki Kuroda 30-pitch session is a breeze. The Dodgers 2008 TV Schedule is out. Greg Miller believes problems are behind him. Joe Torre takes in his new surroundings. Diet and exercise may help Andy LaRoche. A article about Scott Proctor and his daugther who had heart surgery. I saw this car today at a Shopping Center. It’s a Scion with the Dodgers Logo. Dodgercar (Not that clear, since it was taken by my Phone) I leave you with a YouTube video. I will try to post a video I find funny or interesting that’s baseball related of course. This one is Tommy Lasorda talking to Hideo Nomo.




    Hey Roberto:

    Cool wheels and very interesting interview between Tommy Lasorda and Hideo Nomo…

    Sounds like they hit it off together and everything is g-r-r-r-r-r-8!



    Dodger fans are going to love the pitching of Scott Proctor. He throws hard, hard, and harder — 95 mph (plus) heat sinking missiles! The Yankees were crazy to let him go — big mistake.

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