Dodgers -Notes- February 18, 2008

It looks like the Dodgers will have 4 starting outfielders. Andruw Jones and Matt Kemp seem to be the ones that will start everyday. While Andre Ethier and Juan Pierre share duties at left field. Pierre doesn’t mind playing in left field but he does mind if they move him to the bench. I don’t know what will happen. My ideal outfield would be Kemp, Jones, and Ethier. Looks like Pierre would rather get traded if he is sent to the bench. I think it would be hard to move him and his big contract. When Joe Torre takes a split squad to China, Tommy Lasorda will manage the other squad. I don’t mind Lasorda managing those games but I would of prefered if it was someone else like Larry Bowa or Mike Easler. Hey, or even Don Mattingly, since it seems he will be there for a couple of weeks. Someone within the coaching ranks would of been better. How cool is it that Sandy Koufax pops in to Vero Beach every year and talks to the pitchers ? Koufax has a home in Vero Beach and he always surprises the organization in showing up at Spring training. With the Dodgers moving their Spring camps to Arizona next year, it would be sad if Koufax stops visiting. Frank McCourt needs to reach out to Koufax and make an agreement for him to keep teaching the pitchers some tips. More articles keep coming in about Vero Beach. I have read so much about Vero and seen so many pictures about Dodgertown that I truly feel sad that I will never be able to visit. But guess who is going to Vero ? Troy from West Virginia!

Harry Caray died 10 years ago today. Check out this Soldier who is in Iraq and impersonates Caray. Funny…




    Man, I don’t like the idea of Tommy Lasorda having ahold of Chad Billingsley’s arm for a week.

    I’d love to see the Dodgers trade Juan Pierre but they will have to eat a portion of his contract. I would like to see Joe Torre sit Pierre on opening day to end that silly consecutive games streak. At times I think Grady wanted to sit Pierre but felt compelled to keep him out there as long as he was healthy because of the 162 games thing.

  2. Roberto

    I agree with both of your comments. I hope Lasorda doesn’t do anything dumb. About Pierre, I think they have to eat a portion of that contract if they want to move him.


    Hey Roberto:

    You just have to tell me more about Super Fan (Troy)from West Virginia — please! Did Joe Beimel buy him tickets (airfare and hotel) so he could attend spring training in Vero Beach?


    Going to Vero Beach!!!

    It’s official, just read the great news that Troy will be flying to Vero Beach to watch the Dodgers in action.

    Troy, if you are reading this, please take lots of pictures and take Joe Beimel out on the town! I look forward to a full report when you get back to West Virginia. Enjoy the sunshine and baseball!

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