WBC Final @ Dodger Stadium

A_celebrate_412As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the World Baseball Classic will be held next year with the same countries playing. I wrote that the venues will be announced next month. Today I found out through a fellow blogger, that Dodger Stadium will host the semi-finals and the final game. That’s great news. I think the city of Los Angeles deserves it. L.A. is a international city and I’m sure it won’t have a problem in selling out these games. The first round will be held at the following 4 cities, Toronto (Rogers Centre-Blue Jays Stadium), Mexico City, Tokyo (Tokyo Dome) and San Juan, Puerto Rico (Hiram Bithorn Stadium). The Second Round will be held at Anaheim (Angels Stadium) and San Diego (Petco Park) It then ends at Dodger Stadium. An official announcement of these tentative plans is scheduled for next month.



  1. Chris

    Sorry Roberto, I have not commented lately but I have had lots of work to do.

    I am glad to see Troy is going to be going to see Spring Training. I hope he gets his favorite Dodgers autographs.

    Will you be going to any different baseball parks this season Roberto?


    The Ultimate Baseball Collector


  2. chris@dodgerfan.net

    It will be interesting to see if the WBC generates as much buzz as it did last year, or if the novelty has worn off. Personally I found the whole thing really exciting am looking forward to checking this out next year!



  3. Roberto

    I enjoyed the World Baseball Classic so much. I think it’s great what they are doing. I can’t wait till next year. Thanks for the comments. Nice site by the way.

  4. pinetarman1@gmail.com

    Hey Roberto:

    Thanks for the information about the World Baseball Classic. I will be attending the game in Toronto and will buy tickets as soon as they go up for sale!

  5. Roberto

    UPDATE: According to the LA Times, the Anaheim Angels will not host any games. So we have to wait for the announcement to see which stadiums will host.

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