Mesa, Arizona

Fergiejenkins_1Hello People! Yesterday I was in Mesa, Arizona. I went to Fitch Park where the Chicago Cubs practice. Got to see a couple of the hitters take batting practice. I saw Derek Lee, Kosuke Fukudome (What a great name), Alfonso Soriano and other players. Lou Piniella was also there. It was fun. I got to see the team do basic practice like moving the runners, bunting, tagging a runner and stuff like that. Very interesting. The bad news is that I was not able to get any autographs at the practice grounds. I wasn’t disapointed by it since I knew it would be a slim chance since I got there late. I would say there was about 150-200 fans just watching them practice. I was not surprised to see so many fans since everyone says the Cubs are the most popular team in the Cactus League. Cub fans are very loyal. I saw lots of Illinois license plates at the parking lot. Very cool. Hopefully Dodger fans will do the same thing next year and drive from California just to see them practice and watch spring training. When practice was over, I headed over to Hohokam Stadium. That’s where the Chicago Cubs hold their Spring Training Games. Very nice stadium. I went because the state of Arizona was holding a charity game. According to a scorecard that I got, Legends were scheduled to play. Well I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word Legend, I think about great players. They might not have to be Hall of Fame type players but it could me someone that played great for many years. Well folks, I checked the scorecard and I saw names like Russ McGinnis, Byron Browne, Garry Jestadt, and Jim Cox. Say what ? Those are legends ? And those were just a couple of names. I don’t want to bore you with the complete roster. Thank goodness that the admission was free. But I did get lucky. One guy on that roster was a Hall of Famer. The one and only Fergie Jenkins. Once I entered the stadium I noticed a Cubs player signing autographs by the dugout. I walked over there to see who it was. It was Jenkins. I gave him a ball and he autographed it and he also put "HOF 91" I also got a picture with him. That was the only real legend at the stadium. Right after that, I decided I was not going to wait for the "legends" game. I decided to leave and visit my cousin that lives in the area. I should be making 1 or 2 more trips to Arizona to catch some games in March. Hopefully I will have better luck in catching some autographs. Hasta la vista baby.




    Hey Roberto:

    That’s an awesome photo of you and Hall of Famer (Fergie Jenkins) at the Cubs spring training in Arizona.

    Fergie Jenkins is my favorite player of all time. I’ve met him in person (a class act on and off the field) and he’s the real deal!

    FYI: Fergie lives in Arizona.

    How long did it take you to drive from California?

  2. Roberto

    Yeah he was nice. I was reading his bio last night and he has had a sad life after he retired. His wife died and then he had a girlfriend who killed his daughter and then commited suicide. Wow. Crazy stuff.

    Anyways, it took me 5 hours to get over there. Should be going back again soon.

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