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Hey everyone! I had trouble logging in to my blog. Apparently MLB had a glitch. Everything is ok now so I’m back to start blogging. I haven’t gone to Arizona or met any players since my last blog. I don’t think I will go back soon because of other issues I need to deal with. So I might I have to wait until next year when the Dodgers open camp there (and that’s not even a guarantee, Dodgers can still play at Vero next year) Anyways, my brother Jack is at Vero Beach. He’s going to catch a couple of games over there. He sent me a text yesterday and said "Vero is over-rated" I don’t know what to make of that. Never been there so I can’t say. Well good luck to him. I know he’s having fun and scoring some autographs. Well not Tommy Lasorda’s autograph. My brother saw him yesterday and approached him with a bat and Lasorda said "I don’t sign bats, it’s against my religion" Ahh you **** old man ! lol


Kershaw as a 5th Starter ?:

It could happen folks. Joe Torre seems to like this kid. Clayton Kershaw will get a chance to pitch with the big leaguers sometime next week. Russell Martin seems to think he has a chance to make the club. "I wouldn’t be surprised," said Russell Martin, who caught Kershaw’s inning against Washington on Tuesday night. "For the first time in a big league game — wow. He’s got just a heavy, heavy fastball and an easy delivery. He’s very deceptive. His curveball, it just drops off the table. I think it’s the best curveball I’ve ever caught, to be honest" Wow Russell. The best curveball you’ve ever caught ? That would be awesome if we see this kid at the Majors. If not, send him to Vegas and bring him up at the All-Star break.

Garvey signing:

Steve Garvey wrote a book titled "My Bat Boy Days: Lessons I Learned from the Boys of Summer" He’s doing a mini book tour and he will be signing his book next month. There are 2 dates where you can meet him. Book Info- – – April 4, 2008 at Borders: 3700 Torrance Blvd Torrance, Ca 90503 and also —April 5, 2008 at Barnes and Noble: 72-840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, Ca 92260


Chris Arnold of sent me an e-mail and he wanted me to share a website they created about Dodger Town. It’s a great website. Click here. Thanks Chris for the e-mail.

More Vero News:

They keep coming. All spring you will see these kind of articles.


Dodgers Radio Press Release:

Hello everyone,

First baseman and pinch hitting specialist Mark Sweeney will be our guest tonight on Dodger Talk. Sweeney is one of the players going to China. In fact, he volunteered to be on the squad heading to Beijing next week.

Mark will talk about why he wants to go, why pinch hitting is the hardest job in baseball, and much more.

During spring training, "Dodger Talk" is on from 6:30-7 p.m. PT on the new home of the Dodgers, Talk Radio 790 KABC.

Once the regular season begins, "Dodger Talk" will air at its usual time, immediately following all 162 games.

This Sunday, we’ll have an extended three-hour edition of "Dodger Talk" from 7-10 p.m.

Troy is back:

Troy from West Virginia is back from Vero Beach!




    Hey Roberto:

    Welcome back!

    I just watched the complete documentary about Troy and his amazing spring training experience with the Dodgers at Vero Beach.

    Troy must have thought that he actually died and he was living in baseball heaven…

    To meet and receive an authentic baseball glove [personalized signature] and bat from his favorite player (Joe Beimel) — it doesn’t get any better than that — Wow!

    Sounds like number 97 for the Dodgers has a brand new nickname — “Bible”.

    Watch the video again and you will see what I’m talking about… Hint, listen very carefully to the pronunciation of “Joe Beimel” by Troy’s daughter, I’m sure you will love it!


    what up Roberto, i’m in vero as well and i saw your brother i recognized him from that day i saw u guys at the caravan. we spoke for a while and literally ran in to him everyday i was there even in Roger Dean stadium. as for Vero is ok. right know i’m in fort lauderdale were i’m gonna catch my last game on monday before heading back home.

  3. Roberto

    Hey Nick! That’s cool man. Yeah my brother did tell me that he saw you. Hope you get lots of autographs. See you at the stadium later this year.

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