Coliseum/Opening Day

Hi fans! I’ve been really busy and not had time to post any news. April should be a good month in getting autographs and meeting players. I didn’t get a chance to go back to Arizona and I feel a little sad not going now since the Dodgers are over there. It’s ok, maybe next time. Anyone going to the Coliseum game ? Dumb question to ask since more than 100,000 tickets were sold. I’m sure most of you are going. I got standing room only tickets. I should be there and I’m excited. I can’t wait. Should be fun. I will also be going to Opening Day. I got reserved tickets. Not good since me and the sun don’t get along. Oh well. Let the games begin!



  1. Steve

    Hey Roberto,

    Thanks for checking out my blog “time4baseball!” I see that you have the same passion. Great blog too!

    My brother has been in Arizona for 2 weeks seeing all of the spring training games. He had his tickets to the Dodgers game already and said that tickets were being sold for almost $200. He was able to get Andruw Jones, Adam LaRoche and some others. He also was able to get Soriano at the Cubs game, but missed Fukodome. Keep up the great work. I’ll be going down the last few days of spring training and seeing the Legends game. At least you were able to get a photo with Fergie Jenkins-awesome!

    Thanks again Roberto! Steve….time4baseball

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