Canter’s now in Dodger Stadium


Opening Day is 1 week away. I can’t wait. Should be fun. But before opening day, the Dodgers play a 3 game series vs the Boston Red Sox. Which of course, on Saturday they play at the L.A. Coliseum. According to Josh Rawitch, the team’s vice president of public relations and broadcasting, the team has sold 113,000 tickets. Incredible.

Canter’s and other places to eat: Canters1small

I just read news that Canter’s deli will have a spot in Dodger Stadium. They will be at the Field level by the Third Base side. How cool is that ? Canter’s is a Kosher Deli Restaurant. As a kid, I remember my Dad taking me there often. He would mainly go to buy the Kosher Salami. Usually if we went, I would go across the street where there is a Newstand and I would buy Baseball magazines. That newstand always had great Baseball magagazines. I also remember in the parking lot there is a mural and you can see a Sandy Koufax picture. Besides Canter’s Deli, there will be a couple more new additions. Mrs. Beasley’s, Camacho’s Cantina and Ruby’s Diner will also join in. All this was possible because they fixed up the whole Field Level section and should provide a better fan experience. Hopefully the lines won’t be long. In future years, you will see the same thing happen to the remaining Levels. By then maybe they will add other places like a In-N-Out ? Innout1 That would be awesome but I don’t think it would happen. Only because the lines would be so long and everyone likes there burger in a certain way that it would be impossible to please everyone. Or a Starbucks ? What would you like to see added at Dodger Stadium ?




  1. Andrei

    Forget Starbucks, we’ll keep that at Safeco. In-N-Out, well, a double-double and a super sized dodger dog ? Sounds really good. I could do that ( Yeah, if it we’re me some years ago ). Well, I could still do that, in fact, have done that many times during many a night game. I hope you health conscious ones arent reading this.


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