Kemp/Ethier Videos

I got an e-mail from a dude by the name of Ron Stilanovich:

Mr Baseball is Life,

Please take a gander at my new series of baseball instruction videos on the Youtube over there.

"Hardball Made Easy"

I even gots a couple of your Dodgers (Kemp, Ethier) to come out and help me git them kids all squared away, etc, etc…

Stay Scrappy,
Ron Stilanovich

PS – I tried to get Fred McGriff but, much like a woman in a sports bar, he ignored me.

Funny guy… Thanks! Anyways check out the videos. First up is Matt Kemp:

Next up is Andre Ethier:

"That’s why they call me the Bison"

Matt Kemp is the Bison!Bisonrun_small


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