March 29, 2008 Los Angeles Coliseum Game


 After the Andruw Jones event, we quickly drove to the Los Angeles Coliseum. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find parking and that 100,000 fans would already be there for the Fan Fest. We arrived around 12:40 and were surprised by the fact that we found parking next to the Coliseum. Once there, I was able to get in line with my brother and get some autographs of some old Dodgers that played at the Coliseum. I met people like Carl Erskine, Ron Fairly, Norm Sherry, Wally Moon and others. I took a picture with those 4 guys. When Wally signed my ball I asked him if he could put “Moon shots” He said “Oh ok, sure!” That was cool! After the autograph sessions we walked around and got some food. The Fan fest was packed. I had never been to the Coliseum before so everything was new to me. They didn’t open the gates until 4pm. Once inside, we watched how big the stadium was. It was cool. Before the game was about to start, Vin Scully came out. That was the best part of the day. Scully spoke for a few minutes. Then on to the Ballgame. Even though the Dodgers lost, it was awesome watching them play and being part of the 115,300 fans that were there. I think the Dodgers should play at the Coliseum once a year during Spring Training! What do you think ?




    It would be awesome if they would, but i dont know if it will happen because this game was a Historic 50th anniversary game. However, from a business standpoint, it makes 100% sense. 115,300 fans buying tickets, paying concessions, buying merchandise….its a money generating game.

  2. roberto6

    I agree with you. It would be awesome. Just once a year. Play it at the end of March. Having different teams every year. You can play the Giants next year and then the Angels another year and so on. It would be cool. I know I would go. It doesn’t matter if they play the Florida Marlins, I would go. Especially if they repeat the Fan Fest. That was cool. Thanks for the comments.


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