Opening Day



Hello all…Blog problems still exist. Hopefully that will be fixed by next week.

I had a great time on Opening Day. We arrived early. I had reserved tickets. Not great seats but at least I was inside the stadium. Before the game started, I met the Dad of Russell Martin. I forgot to ask him when he was going to play the national anthem again. He is a very nice person and he does look like little Russell. I also met Billy Crystal, the great Yankee player. The pre-game ceremony was awesome. It was great seeing the old Dodgers come out. I couldn’t believe Sandy Koufax was there. That was cool. As for the game itself, it was great! The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-0! Check out the following video of Mr. Martin performing the National Anthem (back in 2006) 



  1. roberto6

    What’s up Nick! ? No man, I didn’t get his autograph. He looked like he was in a hurry, plus he was heading downstairs…

    You missed Scioscia dude! I guess until next time!

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