Pedro Guerrero


This event occured on May 24, 2008 I was away for about a month from the Baseball world. It was nice getting back to the autograph scene. On this day, I got a autograph of Pedro Guerrero. I don’t remember seeing him before in any events. I did some research on him and found out he lives in Florida. So I decided to go and get his autograph since I don’t know if he would do any appearances in So-Cal. Some interesting and sad things about Guerrero is that according to his lawyer, his IQ is 70 Well he signed my ball and didn’t seem that dumb to me. Once, the Baseball writer Bill James called Guerrero “the best hitter God has made in a long time” He was the co-MVP in the 1981 World Series. Maybe if he didn’t have his personal problems, his career could of been better.



    hey can u pass on the info to where Pedro Guerrero can be found- I’m from the Dominican Republic, and I remember when I was like 10 years old and my father taking me to the spring training games back in the 80s in Dodgertown- he was my favorite player back then- I remember taking a Dominican flag to those games, and He would always come say hi to us- I wasn’t into autographs back then , but now that’s my passion- I have a collection of about 250 autograph balls in my home that I would pass down to my son-
    Thanks, Hector Martinez

  2. roberto6

    Hola Hector! I have no idea where you can find him. Maybe sending a request to the Dodgers ? With my situation, I got him at a Card Show here in Southern California. He rarely does appearances here since he lives in Florida. I’m sorry I wasn’t too helpful….Try sending a letter to Dodger Stadium.

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