Ethan Martin


When Bud Selig called his name, Ethan Martin was introduced as a 3rd Baseman. Most likely the Dodgers are planning on making Martin a full-time hitter. Imagine with Russell Martin a Martin & Martin combo ? Weird. Of course, we will see down the road. He is 17 years old so that will be in a couple of years. That’s if he has a great Minor-League career. From John Manuel of Baseball America had this to say…

          Just four high school players were among the first 14 selections, and at the halfway point of the first round, the Dodgers added to that with Ethan Martin. However, commissioner Selig announced Martin as a third baseman, not a righthander. The Dodgers have had success with such athletes, such as James McDonald (from outfield to pitcher) and Edwin Jackson (who DH’d early in his career before going just to the mound).

More updates later.


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