Nomar = No More !

I always enjoy reading Tony Jackson’s columns on the Daily News. I also enjoy his blog. I check it on a daily basis. The guy is smart and funny. Doesn’t take it too serious and always has a story to tell us. But when I read this, I laughed so hard. Check out what Tony wrote on his blog….

When he woke up this morning, something “didn’t feel right,” according to Joe Torre. Well, of course it didn’t. Nomar went 1 for 2 with a home run in his debut for Triple-A Las Vegas last night against Tacoma. Stan Conte talked to him today and said Nomar felt confident he would be ready to play by Friday, which I guess Thumbnail image for NomarSportsIllustrated.jpgmeans he’s out for tomorrow, too.

Oh man, Tony has it against Nomar Garciaparra. “Well, of course it didn’t” and
“which I guess he’s out for tomorrow, too” lol That was funny. But I do agree with Tony. My opinion on Nomar is that he is done. This being the last year of his contract with the Dodgers, you might have to say goodbye forever. We all know the Dodgers will not bring him back next year. The latest news is that he is in Boston to get checked out by a Doctor he knows when he played with the Red Sox. No word on how it might affect Carne Asada Sunday.
I guess he doesn’t trust Stan Conte and the Dodgers medical staff. So all I have to say is…No more !

If you want to experience a Nomar Carne Asada event (I have never gone but 2 fans have told me the food is bad but the Mariachi is good) check out the following video (Bad quality, I know, but that’s all I found)

By the way I’m not a Nomar hater. I think he is a good dude and NomarGarciaparra.jpghe was a great player (In Boston) I know he has done alot in the community. I have nothing against him but his time is over. Well at least with the Dodgers, it is. The future is the young
guys like Blake DeWitt and Andy LaRoche. On the right…pix of Nomar and I from a couple of years ago.  




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