Update: Nomar

Nomar blames his genes:nomar_joking.jpg

This is a joke, right ? Nomar Garciaparra says that the reason he is taking long to come off the disabled list is because he has slow healing in his genes.

Dodgers infielder Nomar Garciaparra said a genetic predisposition, one he didn’t know he had until it was identified by a Boston physical therapist with whom he voluntarily consulted last week, is the reason his left-calf strain has been so long in healing.

So blaming his own DNA ? Wow….I wonder if he got hurt yesterday while holding his annual Carne Asada event ? Well according to another Dodger Blogger, Robert Daely, everything went well. Glad to know. I found a video from the local news from the event. I wasn’t able to upload it here so I posted on YouTube and post it here. I promise I won’t make fun of Nomar anymore. I hope he comes back and help us win this bad division. I mean, he can’t be worse than Mark Sweeney, right ?


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