Autographs: Joe Beimel


July 11, 2008 Burbank, California

Today I met Joe Beimel at a Staples Location here in Southern California. He was scheduled to sign autographs at 12pm. I got there 1 hour before and I thought I was going to see a big crowd but only about 15 people were in front of me. That’s cool for me. Once it was my turn to meet him, I gave him a couple of pictures for him to sign. On the table, there was a Joe Beimel Bobblehead. I assume it’s the one that they will give away at Dodger Stadium on August 12 ! The Beimel bobblehead looks good. Sometimes these bobbleheads look bad and don’t even look like the players. But this is one does look like Beimel. While he signed my items, I told him they did a
BeimelBobblehead.JPGgood job with the bobblehead. He agreed. I grabbed the bobblehead from the table and asked him for a picture. He said sure and I noticed a employee looking funny at me. Probably thought I was taking the bobblehead home. Overall, cool experience. Not alot of people. Got 3 items signed and got out of there quickly. Thanks Joe & Staples I guess. 🙂


I was going to ask Joe if he was going to invite Troy from West Virginia a invite to L.A. for his Bobblehead night. lol But I totally forgot.







    Hey Roberto:

    Excellent photo of you and Joe Beimel. The bobblehead looks awesome and even has Joe with his trademark 5 o’clock shadow too boot! Don’t be surprised if you see Troy from West Virginia make a special appearance at this game. As Troy would say, “Beimel is coming into the game and he’s money in the bank!”

  2. Stephamie

    awwwwwww beimel…… <3!! i heard about this event and the first thing i thought was, “i hope that guy goes and takes photos so i can say ‘awwwwwww beimel……'” and YOU DID IT. YAY.


    Troy what are you waiting for buddy? Get your sorry butt off that flipping couch right now and start typing a comment about Joe and his brand new bobblehead!

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