July 25, 2008 – Blake Dewitt & Rick  Honeycutt


July 25, 2008 Los Angeles, California

I met Blake DeWitt at a Staples Location here in Southern California. He was scheduled to sign autographs at 12pm. I got there around 10:00 am. I went inside and there was nobody ! So I just started walking around the store and check out some items. Then I asked a employee if it’s ok if I wait for DeWitt next to the counter. The employee told me I got here to early but you can wait here. Then a manager heard our conversation and told me “The line is outside” and I said “Huh?” I didn’t know. I thought the line was going to be inside like the Joe Beimel event, since it was also a Staples event. He said “Fans are already there, you should go outside” I told him “Fans? There is no one, I got here 20 minutes ago and I didn’t see anyone” He said “Well now there is” So I went outside and there was about 10 fans outside. I got in line and later came a couple of Autograph buddies and joined me in line. Blake came on time and quickly signed pictures and posed pictures with the fans. My Wife and I gave him 4 items (2 balls and 2 pictures) to sign. He signed all items without any problems. Very nice guy. Then in the evening we headed to Dodger Stadium to catch the Dodgers vs Nationals. It was Brad Penny Bobblehead night. I got there 2 hours before game time and was determined to get a ball during batting practice ! I even took a glove. Down the right field side in the field level (next to the Dodgers bullpen) I noticed a couple of players standing around shagging fly balls. A fan next to me yelled at the Dodgers pitching Rick Honeycutt to sign some baseball cards. He came over and signed autographs for the fan. I didn’t have anything for him. But I did get a picture with him……


So after that encounter with Honeycutt, I was waiting for a ball to come to my direction. Waiting…waiting..waiting…then a ball came toward us but landed on the field. The ball was all alone for a couple of minutes…I yelled at Joe Beinel and he turned around and I pointed at the ball. He ignored me. I yelled at Cory Wade and he just looked at me and went away. Then a couple of minutes later a security guard grabbed it and gave it to a kid. That was the end of that. After being there for 30 minutes I decided to leave. I went to my seats, get some food and I enjoy the game. Here is a picture of the ball that was not destined to be mine… 


A picture of the Brad Penny Bobblehead….Overall great game. We won!




  1. momo

    I was there to see Blake! he was very nice.. n ya signed everything I had with my daughter. too bad you didnt get your ball.. there is always next time

  2. momo

    I know that sucked when I heard he had got sent down, but it meant a lot more to meet him before he got sent back.

  3. Stephamie

    awwww dewitt! yes!!!!!!!!!! ❤ just one though? roberto?

    i was kicking and screaming on saturday when vin scully told me that he got sent down… i like casey blake though… great beard.

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