Autographs: 80’s Dodgers

August 3, 2008 Los Angeles, California

Remember my entry on the 70’s players signing at Dodger Stadium ? If not, click here. Now it was former Dodgers that played in the 80’s. I got there early. 8 former Dodgers arrived. Alejandro Pena, Jack Fimple, Bill Madlock, Mike Davis, Jerry Reuss, Bobby Castillo, Ken Landreaux and Bobby Welch. I took a Dodgers mini-helmet and got them all to sign it. I took pictures with 4 of them since I never have before. 1st pix with Alejandro Peña… 


2nd Pix with Jack Fimple


3rd Pix with Bill Madlock


4th pix with Bob Welch


I didn’t stay for the game. But it was worth the trip to get autographs from all these guys 🙂


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