Juan Samuel & Big Joe

August 6, 2008 Anaheim, California

Hey folks! What’s up ? Today I met Juan Samuel. Remember hiJuanSamuel1.jpgm ? Well maybe the older fans will. He played 16 years in the Major Leagues. I remember him from the time he played for the Dodgers in the early 90’s. His best season was 1984 when he played for the Philadelphia Phillies. 15 Bombs with 69 RBI’s and 72 stolen bases ! 3 Time All-Star player. He currently is a 3rd base coach for the Baltimore Orioles. He signed a Baseball for me. I told him in spanish that I was a fan of his and I remember him from his playing days with the Dodgers. Nice guy. Thanks Juan. After meeting him, I saw Sports Radio talk show host Big Joe McDonnell. I’ve been listening to this dude since I was a little kid. I’m trying to remember….maybe since 1992 ! I have followed him all around the A.M. Dial….even on the FM Dial. Remember KMAX ? lol Wow, I go back listening to him. I always enjoyed listening to him. Check him out weekdays from 7/10 pm on 570 am. If you don’t live around the L.A. area, you can listen to him live online. After that, I noticed Josh Rawitch from the “Inside the Dodgers” blog and Vice President of Public Relations. He was walking and I said “Hey you need to update the blog” He always updates the blog but yesterday he missed the starting lineup so I was just playing with him and he came up to me and shook my hand. I don’t think he knew who I was at first. Then he goes “Oh it’s you! The big baseball fan” Yeah that was me Josh. Nice seeing you. By the way, my Wife noticed you had a baseball and she believes it was autographed by Vin Scully. True ? Below are 2 pictures of Juan Samuel and Big Joe…. Peace !




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