Autographs: Chuck Essegian


Who hit 2 pinch hit Home Runs in the 1959 World Series ?

Answer: Chuck Essegian

I met Chuck today at Dodger Stadium. I told him about the 2 homers and he said “You’re too young to know about it” 🙂





    When Chuck Essegian was with the KC A’s he lived next to my grandfather on Anna Maria Island during spring training. I was six and he gave me an autograph and a book about the Hall Of Fame. My brother and I were talking about him today so I looked him up and also signed up my business to sponsor his Baseball Reference web page. Thanks for letting me get a look at him again and to know he seems to be doing okay.
    Matt Borden

  2. roberto6

    Thanks for the comment Matt. Yeah he seems to be doing good. He comes to the stadium often and signs autographs. Nice guy 🙂


  3. roberto6

    Hi Matt, thanks for the comments. Yeah Chuck seems to be doing good. He often comes to the stadium and signs autographs. Nice guy. 🙂 Great story about you and Chuck.


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