Holy Vaca !

I’m the featured blog on the main blog page! Check it out..click here. Scroll down a bit and you will see my pix and it says the following “Robert’s Dodger blog was one of the most visited MLBlogs this past week. Find out why!” Cool 🙂 Only 1 mistake…my name is Roberto ! C’mon Yanks….! Then click here. You will notice that I’m # 5 among fans that have a MLBLog. I don’t remember but I think that’s the lowest I have ever been. I’m usually in the top 10 Thanks to all for reading. Since I’m the featured blog, I know I will get alot of new readers. If you’ve never seen this blog, welcome. Just read a couple of the entries and you will notice that I’m a big Dodger fan, write about meeting players and getting autographs, posting random YouTube videos and other nonsense stuff. Bookmark it ! Peace!


Dodgers will clinch it tonight !




  1. Jane Heller

    Congratulations on being featured on the main page, Roberto! So #5 on the Leaders List is your lowest? I’m #4 and it’s my highest. (I only started blogging a month ago, so give me time to catch up. Lol.) Anyhow, now that my Yankees are out of it, I’m focusing on the Dodgers. I live in SoCal and love Torre and Mattingly, so I plan to go to Game 2 of the NLDS. Very excited!


  2. roberto6

    Yeah I think it’s the lowest. I will have to research but I’m sure it’s the lowest. Sorry Jane, but it will be nice not seeing the Yanks this post-season. It’s going to be exciting with the Cubs, Rays, Angels, Red Sox and the other teams trying to clinch it. Something different ! 🙂


  3. J.D. Hernandez

    Much congrats to you, Roberto! Have I seen you at the Ravine before? I feel like I usually see you at the ballpark. Anyway, very nice blog, and I can’t wait to see the Dodgers clinch it tonight at home! I plan on being there today nice and early… and hopefully for a playoff game or two.


  4. roberto6

    Hey JD, thanks. Well the last couple of years I have gone to lot’s of games. This year not that much. I think a couple of games.


  5. roberto6

    Hi Andrew, I believe it’s not Torre who turned this around. It’s Manny. We were a average team with alot of talent but something was missing. Then Manny and Andre Ethier got “en fuego” So what’s up with the Cubs ? The Billy goat curse continues ? 🙂


  6. roberto6

    Hey John, we are going all the way! All the way to 1st round exit ! lol Nah, I agree, we have some threats now. It will be very interesting 🙂


  7. roberto6

    Hi Jane….well I just feel like that. I guess I’m tired of seeing them every single year since 1995 ! The Cubs and Rays have fun players and it’s always fun watching the Red Sox 🙂


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