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Martin not in the top 5 of the N.L. Votes

1.  Soto, G.  Cubs   1,497,579
2.  McCann, B.  Braves     917,607
3.  Kendall, J.  Brewers     773,694
4.  Molina, Y.  Cardinals     768,685
5.  Molina, B.  Giants     578,357


MLB released the updated N.L. All-Star voting results. It’s official, Dodger fans suck. What, you are too good to vote for Russell Martin ? Let me break it down for you.

Russell Martin stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .315 B.A. 7 H.R. 35 RBI’s Let’s check out the stats of the other N.L. Catchers. Let’s start with the leader –

Geovani Soto stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .274 B.A. 12 H.R. 43 RBI’s This is telling me that the Cubs nation is supporting their players. If you look at the Voting Results, you will see a Cubs leader in Catcher, Outfield (top 2 spots) and a 2nd place leader in 1st Base, Second Base, Third Base, and a 3rd place leader in Shortstop. I know Soto is having a nice year. But his Batting Average is low. So he has 5 more Home Runs and 8 more RBI’s than Martin but this is Soto’s first year playing full time. Why is he the leader in votes ? The answer is because the Cubs care about this. Next up…

Brian McCann stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .306 B.A. 14 H.R. 44 RBI’s -To be honest, he deserves it more than Martin. He is having a great season. I’m surprised he is behind by a half million votes. Soto is going to win it easily. Next…

Jason Kendall stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .263 B.A.  1 H.R. 23 RBI’s – It’s not a error. Those are his stats as of today and he is in 3rd place in votes. Lots of Brewers fans, huh ? I thought this dude stopped playing. I didn’t even know he was in a MLB Roster. Incredible ! Next !

Yadier Molina stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .290 B.A.  4 H.R. 25 RBI’s – Once again, his stats does not compare to Martin. I understand there is a big Cardinals fan base. But seriously, we also have a big fan base, no ? Next…

Bengie Molina stats as of the morning of June 24, 2008 — .308 B.A.  6 H.R. 48 RBI’s -Oh great, the Molina brothers are ahead of Martin. I admitted, Bengie is having a nice year. I have a feeling he will be selected as a back up catcher for Soto to be the N.L. Catchers. Which will leave Martin out of the picture. But remember, every team has to have at least 1 player in the All-Star game. Which Dodger will go ?

The stats for the N.L. Catchers can be found here.  July 2nd is the last day you can vote. Which means it will take a miracle to get Martin anywhere in the top spot.


March 28 Game @ Dodger Stadium

Hi folks! Trying to catch up! The blog is acting good today. MLB is trying something different, so updates and changes will happen in the coming days…


March 28 game @ Dodger Stadium

I went to the game on Friday March 28 It was a good game. When we got there I noticed that fans can now watch Batting Practice before the game on the field. It’s pretty cool. If you get there early, they let you go through the center field fence (Like when it’s Photo Day) and watch them practice. That day of course was the Red Sox. So I got see some of the Red Sox players hit and field. Chad Billingsley played a great game. About 34,000 fans were in attendance.


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