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Dodgers vs Cardinals

Los Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals

The Dodgers begin a 3 game series Today vs the St. Louis Cardinals. It should be fun. We need to start a winning streak and get back on top of the standings. Chad Billingsley will start today. Who quickly is becoming the Ace of the pitching staff.

2009 All-Star Gameallstarlogo2009.jpg

Before the game the Cardinals had a press conference to show off the 2009 All-Star game logo. St. Louis will host the game. Any tips on how to get tickets for the game ? I heard All-Star game tickets are hard to buy. It’s mostly for season-ticket holders and sponsors. I guess Ebay is the only option.

Notes on Manny

Wow, Dodgers fans have purchased over $ 125,000 worth of # 99 T-shirts and jerseys since the slugger was acquired from the Red Sox. Sports Illustrated has a article on how the Manny trade went down. Chris Casavant of the Connecticut Post writes that Manny’s recent behavior with the Red Sox is unforgivable.

Blog Stats

The other day, I was # 10 in the MLBlogs Stats. Now I’m # 7 ! Thanks 🙂

 Video Time!

Manny arrives at Dodger Stadium (Last Friday)