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Manny being Manny


Manny Ramirez….what can I say ? I have mixed feelings. I’mmannyshirt.jpg happy we made a trade that might help us win this ugly division. But I’m sad that this might be a 2 month rental and Ramirez signs with another team in the off-season. I’m happy we didn’t trade Andre Ethier, James Loney, or Matt Kemp. But I’m sad that Andy
LaRoche (Good luck!) is gone. I’m happy that we don’t have to pay for Manny’s salary. But I’m sad that AndyLaRoche.jpgthis might of been a move to just sell
 more tickets. I’m happy that Manny will be our Power Hitter. But sad that Kemp or Ethier might not play on a daily basis. Get it ? I have mixed feelings. I only hope that Joe Torre plays Ramirez, Kemp and Ethier together everyday ! I’m sorry Juan Pierre but we don’t have room for you. I’m sorry Andruw Jones, but you….how can I say it….mmmm you suck….Sorry. I know you are a great player. You are a All-Star player. I know that, but we don’t have enough time to keep playing you. 2 months left. We need to start playing the best players everyday. You keep Pierre and Jones on the bench. Okidoki ? By the way Manny, you can’t wear # 24 ! You have to pick a new number ! 


LaRoche leads group sent to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Tommy Lasorda blogs about the trade and so does Alyssa Milano. L.A. Times has quotes from Joe Torre and Nomar Garciaparra.

Video Time ! (2 videos) 

Manny leaves Fenway Park for the last time. 

Ok another video…Manny supporting “Hip Hop Dominicano” Ok…