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Photo Day @ Dodger Stadium

This occurred on May 25, 2008 It was Photo Day at Dodger Stadium. I got there early. I knew it was going to be impossible to get autographs. I didn’t even bring any items. I decided to just take pictures. Alot of fans were there! I was surprised. I remember from 2003 to 2006 I don’t remember that much people went. I know alot of fans come but not like this year. I didn’t go last year so I don’t know if it was less or the same amount of people. Most of the players were cool enough to pose at the camera. I think most of them were happy to do it except Jonathan Broxton. That dude looked mad and just stopped and kept walking. Maybe he acted like that just on my side but he looked weird. I was able to take pictures with 4 players. The first one was Wes Parker. He came toward us and I congratulated him on winning the All-Time Gold Glove by a First Baseman. This happened last year and he was voted the best defensive 1st Ba seman in history. After I congratulated him, he started to talk in spanish to me. I don’t know why. He said “Gracias amigo, muchas gracias” and other stuff that I didn’t understand. I should of told him “Gracias wey!” I just laughed. Next up was Chin-lu Hu. The Taiwan native that seriously looks like he is 14 years old. The third guy was Blake DeWitt. He seemed really enjoying the time to interact with the fans. Rookie of the year ? Who knows but he is playing great! The last guy was Delwyn Young. He looks gangsta. lol 🙂 A couple of players I didn’t see was Jeff Kent, Clayton Kershaw (he was pitching that day so I understand) Derek Lowe, Rafael Furcal (maybe because he is injured) and I can’t remember who else. Well maybe they did come out, but not on my side. Pictures below.


Chin-Lung Hu.JPG


Pedro Guerrero


This event occured on May 24, 2008 I was away for about a month from the Baseball world. It was nice getting back to the autograph scene. On this day, I got a autograph of Pedro Guerrero. I don’t remember seeing him before in any events. I did some research on him and found out he lives in Florida. So I decided to go and get his autograph since I don’t know if he would do any appearances in So-Cal. Some interesting and sad things about Guerrero is that according to his lawyer, his IQ is 70 Well he signed my ball and didn’t seem that dumb to me. Once, the Baseball writer Bill James called Guerrero “the best hitter God has made in a long time” He was the co-MVP in the 1981 World Series. Maybe if he didn’t have his personal problems, his career could of been better.

I’m back !

Hello Baseball Fans (and the 3 fans that read my blog, lol) Im back. I was away for personal reasons but everything looks cool right now. I have a couple of posts that I will be writing in the coming days. I need to catch up. So check that out. I need to post some pictures that I took with some players. I still noticed that MLBlogs haven’t put the Photo Albums up again. I will post the pictures as a entry. Peace out!



Mike Scioscia will always be a Dodger


Today I got a chance to meet Mike Scioscia. The great Dodger catcher. He was signing at a Appliance & TV Store down in Riverside, Ca. I had previously met Scioscia before but I wanted to get some other stuff signed. I showed up at 8am. There was about only 8 people in front of me. I took a 1981 World Series Program and ball. But my brother came later and got me a Dodger mini-helmet. I showed up wearing a Dodger jacket and a Dodger hat. I thought I would only see a few Dodger fans but I was surprised to see alot of them. They still like Scioscia and even though he is a Anaheim Angels manager, we will always respect him. Mike showed up around 10:30 am and quickly started signing. A couple fans who were in front of me were also Dodger fans and all the items that they gave to Mike were Dodger stuff. My wife gave him the ’81 World Series program and when it was my turn, I gave him the Blue Dodgers mini-helmet and he said jokingly “Where is all the Angel Stuff!?” I quickly told him “Angels?” and he signed the helmet without a problem. When he gave it back to me I told him “You will always be a Dodger Mike” and he smiled and said “I don’t know about that” The signature came out nice on the helmet. Mike was very nice and I noticed he signed multiple stuff for fans. I should of brought more items. But you can’t be that greedy. Thanks Mike!