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MLB & Dodgers Notes 8-13-08

Was at the game last night. Great win. It was Joe Beimel Bobblehead night. The game didn’t sell out. As a matter of fact, not one game that the Dodgers gave away a bobblehead this season sold out. I’m surprised. I remember in seasons past, these games would sell out. I like collecting these bobbleheads. They seem really cool. But I guess not everyone agrees. Check out these figures from last season and this year in which they gave away bobbleheads.

Year 2007

Date   –   Bobblehead                Attendance

April 26  Nomar Garciaparra    56,000

July   6   Rafael Furcal             51,050 

August 2 Russell Martin            56,000

Year 2008

Date    –   Bobblehead                Attendance

April 25   Joe Torre                  53,205      

June  5    Takashi Saito           44,988

July 25     Brad Penny              47,313      

August 12 Joe Beimel              47,586


Breakfast with the Dodgers

Check out the pictures here. Manny Ramirez, Clayton Kershaw, Andre Ethier, James Loney and more players showed up at the event with Big Boy of Power 106 fm.

Video Time ! 1986 Dodgers singing…