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WTF ! ?

This dude got a little close to Matt Kemp, huh ? Anyways, this game was so exciting. The celebration after the game was cool. It’s nice that some of the players come out and celebrate in front of the fans. I can’t wait for the Phillies ! 🙂


I can’t speak English…

Takashi Saito “I cannot speak english!!” lol Check out this video from last night…

Plus a video of Troy from West Virginia.

Alfonso Soriano can keep buying cars like this one. I took this picture back in February when the Cubs were at Arizona preparing for Spring Training. Soriano parked his car and let me just say that I wish I could drive this toy.


Cubs bringing a Priest was a bad idea

It feels good knowing that the Dodgers only need 1 win to advance to the NLCS. Let’s talk about the Cubs… Basically the whole country is rooting for the Cubs. The Media is rooting for the Cubs. The “experts” picked the Cubs to win this series and most of them picked them to win the World Series. So what happened ? 2 main reasons. First reason is that people forget that this Dodgers team is a different team than back in July. This is a team that is showing alot of confidence and having Manny Ramirez on the team doesn’t hurt. Plus all the young guys have matured alot and playing great. We as Dodger fans know who is James Loney, Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, Chad Billingsley and all the young guys. We know that they are very talented and capable of being future superstars (if they aren’t already) We have been following them since they came up in 2006 Plus with the addition of Ramirez, it has brought a new atmosphere in the clubhouse. While the Cubs being in the playoffs is a great story for the media, it doesn’t warrant them to be favorites to win. My second reason for the Cubs troubles is that they are focusing to much on the curse. Are they cursed ? Are they not cursed ? Why even think about it ? Did anyone notice that a Priest was in the Cubs dugout before Game 1 ? When I saw this, I couldn’t believe it. Basically having a Priest in the dugout is telling the world that they believe there is a curse and that there is something wrong in the stadium. I was looking for the video of the Priest in Wrigley Field and I found it…

Crazy huh ? I don’t have anything against the Priest being there. But knowing that there is cameras everywhere and someone will catch this, why even bother ? This is saying that they really believe that they are cursed. It’s in their heads. Shouldn’t have they learned from the Boston Red Sox and the Babe Ruth curse ? It’s all imagination. There is no curse folks. You just haven’t played great in the last 100 years 🙂