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Autographs: Santana & Quinlan

August 30, 2008

I met 2 current Angels. Ervin Santana and Robb Quinlan. First up was Santana. He was signing at a furniture store down in Irvine at 11:30 am. I showed up right before 9 am. A employee there told everyone that Santana will be signing 2 items per person. Sounded good since I needed to get a picture signed for my brother. Well right before 11 am, another employee said that he will be signing only 1 item per person plus a picture with him if you desire. Bad news for me since I had that extra item. Upon arrival to Santana, I gave him a 2008 All-Star ball to sign it. He signed it right below the All-Star logo. Then I put the picture down in the table and right away the employees said “NO! just 1 item plus a picture” They were very strict about it. It’s weird because most of the time they don’t want you to be posing with the players. It’s just the autograph and that’s it. But on this occasion, everyone was taking a picture with Ervin. Maybe that’s the reason the line was moving slow. My Wife got him to sign a mini-helmet that already has several autographs of current Angels. Then after meeting Santana we headed over to Laguna Niguel. Robb Quinlan was signing autographs at a at&t store. Nobody was there. I think less than 5 fans. I got him to sign the same mini-helmet. Quinlan was very nice and talked with us. Pictures from the events below….