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YouTube Video -Ethan Martin

I uploaded a video of Ethan Martin on YouTube. Check it out!


Update: Dodgers Press Release

Dodgers.com Article

Bio of Martin (From Tony Jackson)

From reading those reports, it looks like the Dodgers are planning on having him as a Pitcher. It’s weird because Bud Selig announced him as a 3rd Baseman. He played both positions but it looks like the Dodgers see him better as a Pitcher. Good luck Ethan!

Ethan Martin


When Bud Selig called his name, Ethan Martin was introduced as a 3rd Baseman. Most likely the Dodgers are planning on making Martin a full-time hitter. Imagine with Russell Martin a Martin & Martin combo ? Weird. Of course, we will see down the road. He is 17 years old so that will be in a couple of years. That’s if he has a great Minor-League career. From John Manuel of Baseball America had this to say…

          Just four high school players were among the first 14 selections, and at the halfway point of the first round, the Dodgers added to that with Ethan Martin. However, commissioner Selig announced Martin as a third baseman, not a righthander. The Dodgers have had success with such athletes, such as James McDonald (from outfield to pitcher) and Edwin Jackson (who DH’d early in his career before going just to the mound).

More updates later.

Draft update -Dodgers pick

The Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was in attendance and with their 15th pick, the Los Angeles Dodgers selected Ethan Martin. He is a High School Senior playing 3rd Base and Pitcher. This is the scouting report on him.


Fastball: Martin threw his fastball in the 91-96 mph range. He maintained the velocity, throwing 94 mph in the seventh inning.
Fastball movement: He had hard, four-seamer life.
Curve: He showed a consistently plus curve, a power breaking ball in the 79-82 mph range, that he used as a strikeout pitch to lefties and righties.
Splitter: He showed flashes of a plus split-fingered fastball, up to 84 mph, that worked as an out pitch as well.
Control: He was solid-average all night, at times above-average, filling up the strike zone with three pitches. He can throw his fastball for strikes to both sides of the plate.
Poise: He is super competitive on the mound.
Physical Description: He is big, strong, projectable — the prototypical power pitcher.
Medical Update: Healthy.
Strengths: He’s a big, strong power pitcher with three above-average to plus offerings.
Weaknesses: New on the radar as a pitching prospect, there’s no history to draw on. Scouts will need to see how he bounces back throughout the season to be convinced.
Summary: He went from an interesting two-way player to an upper-echelon pitching prospect in one start. Showing three above-average pitches he can throw for strikes as well as the ability to maintain mid-90s velocity deep into a game, Martin was sure to be one of the most closely watched prep pitchers in the Draft class. He jumped on the screen with that one start; if he keeps it going, he’ll move quickly up the charts.

More details to come…