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I met Mr. 40/40


I met Jose Canseco today. He was at a Book store in Hollwood, California promoting his new book titled “Vindicated” I showed up at 5:30pm. He was scheduled to be there at 7pm. I bought the book and got in line which was outside. Only a couple of people were in front of me. Around 6:50pm we were told to go inside and be prepared to meet Jose. An employee was there and asked everyone if we wanted the book personalized to please write the name on a paper. I got mine personalized. After that I got my camera ready. Then Jose came inside and a couple of media people were there shooting pictures and interviewing him. After a couple of minutes of that, the fans were allowed to meet Jose. When it was my turn I said hello to Jose and I don’t think he heard me since he was quickly signing books and barely looked at the fans. I gave my camera to a fan behind me and told him to shoot it if Jose says it’s ok. After he gave me the book, I told him “I’m a big fan Jose, quick picture” Which he replied “Quickly please” The fan shot the picture and I told him “Thanks man” I didn’t lie to Jose, I was a big fan. Even though I grew up a Dodgers fan, I always respected players from other teams. I still do. With Jose, I enjoyed watching him play. I remember reading about his 40/40 season (40 Homers and 40 Stolen Bases) and thinking no one would ever do that again. Well 3 more players have (Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Alfonso Soriano) The book is about Steroids. He talks about his days as a Ballplayer and how steroids has affected the game. Inside the book are before and after pictures of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, Juan Gonzalez, Miguel Tejada and others. It’s sad what happened to the game the last 20 years. Hopefully the game can be restored and we can go on with real players playing this great game.