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Dodgers Rally

9-28-08 Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Rally

Tonight I attended the Post-Season Rally. If you didn’t go, don’t worry. Dodgers recorded it and you can see it all by clicking here. It was a nice event. 10,000 fans showed up. More than what a Tampa Bay Rays game draws. The best part was the ending when the Dodgers arrived and Manny Ramirez and others spoke. Can’t wait for the playoffs to begin. Bring on the Cubs ! Here is a picture of Tommy Lasorda yelling at the fans and saying that the Cubs are going down !! 🙂

Here is a pix of Manny Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra getting ready to speak to the fans. Nomar spoke and then introduced Manny by saying “Here is MannyWood !!!” Fans yelled “MVP, MVP, MVP !!” Then Manny said “First I want to appreciate you guys coming down here and support us and we are going to try to bring a championship to L.A. but you guys got to bring me back next year” The fans went crazy. Manny smiled and jumped up and down.



The Frisco Giants still exist ?


Wow, Dodgers go from a crazy celebration last night to playing a meaningless 3 game series at San Francisco. It doesn’t matter if we lose all 3 games or if we win any game, Dodgers will still be opening the playoffs on the road. Reason being that we will end up with the fewest wins among the other N.L. Teams. My advice is to take it easy. Don’t get hurt and just have fun. Get ready for next week and please….don’t get beat in the 1st round !

Pierre HR Ball 

Remember when I posted a entry about a Juan Pierre HR Ball selling on eBay for $ 10,000 ? Well it was sold this week for only $ 150 I have no idea why you would buy this. Unless you are Jay-Z.

Steinbrenner Hating

Hank Steinbrenner, the son of Yankees owner George, is hating the playoff system that we have. Lil Steinbrenner blogs about it on Sporting News. He makes the following dumb statements…

  “plenty of people in the media pointing out that Joe Torre and the Dodgers are going to the playoffs while we’re not. This is by no means a knock on Torre — let me make that clear — but look at the division they’re in. If L.A. were in the A.L. East, it wouldn’t be in the playoff discussion. The A.L. East is never weak. Ask the teams that finished
HankSteinbrenner.jpgbehind us all of those seasons. So, what should be done? Have an A.L. and an N.L. and put the top four finishers from each in the playoffs. You’d still have eight teams and the same number of playoff rounds.”

Relax Hank. Stop worrying about the playoff system and worry about how you are going to fix your roster. You are just bitter that Joe Torre will be in the spotlight once again and you will be at home crying. Your idea of having just the top 4 teams in each league is crazy. What if the top 8 teams are in the East ? Nobody in West Coast will give a damn about the playoffs! That’s something that MLB doesn’t want and you should know that. Also, looks like you don’t remember the year of 2000 ! Yanks won the World Series. Remember Hank ? Guess who were the top 4 teams in the A.L. that year ? It was the White Sox with 95 wins, Athletics with 91 wins, Mariners with 91 wins and the Indians with 90 wins. Yankees only had 87 wins that year ! They were able to play in the post-season because they won the East division. The White Sox won the Central. A’s got the West title and the Mariners won Wild Card. Indians didn’t go to the playoffs. You forgot, huh ? So shove it!  

Meet Parker

Former Dodger Wes Parker will be signing autographs. I’m about 90% sure that I won’t be able to attend but I’m always getting e-mails by fans wanting to know of any players making appearances. The details are: AT&T Store in Northridge
Northridge Grove Shopping Center, 9050 Tampa Ave.   12:00 – 1:00 p.m. FREE 

Video Time!  Dodger rookies dress in drag…

Manny Look-Alike


UPDATE # 1 Dodgers are the N.L. West Champs !!

UPDATE # 2 I’m no longer the featured blog but you can see a little pix of myself with the other bloggers. Click here.

UPDATE # 3 N.L. West merchandise is now available ! How fast, huh ? I’m not going to be spending money on that. Show me Dodgers World Series merchandise and I would buy it !

– – – –

Diamondbacks are playing a day game. If they lose against the Cardinals, it’s over. We clinch the West ! So if that happens, should the Dodgers celebrate and get drunk before the 7pm game ? lol 🙂

Video Time! Remember that the Dodgers were going to have a Look-Alike contest of Manny Ramirez at the Viva Los Dodgers event ? Here is the winner…about 38 seconds into the video

Holy Vaca !

I’m the featured blog on the main blog page! Check it out..click here. Scroll down a bit and you will see my pix and it says the following “Robert’s Dodger blog was one of the most visited MLBlogs this past week. Find out why!” Cool 🙂 Only 1 mistake…my name is Roberto ! C’mon Yanks….! Then click here. You will notice that I’m # 5 among fans that have a MLBLog. I don’t remember but I think that’s the lowest I have ever been. I’m usually in the top 10 Thanks to all for reading. Since I’m the featured blog, I know I will get alot of new readers. If you’ve never seen this blog, welcome. Just read a couple of the entries and you will notice that I’m a big Dodger fan, write about meeting players and getting autographs, posting random YouTube videos and other nonsense stuff. Bookmark it ! Peace!


Dodgers will clinch it tonight !


Eddie Murray was choking…

9-24-08 Autographs – Eddie Murray

Tustin, California

I got a tip earlier today that Hall of Famer Eddie Murray was going to be signing autographs at a Restaurant. I was a little surprised. Murray is a complicating person. He doesn’t enjoy signing autographs. I’ve met him a couple of times and he’s always in a bad mood. Well the times I have met him. Back in 2006 the Dodgers held a caravan at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim and several Dodgers were going to be signing. Including Murray. I gave him a ball and he signed it with a sharpie !! I was upset. It was my mistake for not noticing what Murray was doing. Check out the pix below from 2 years ago. Murray holding a blue sharpie in his hand. Steve Garvey by his side saying “Oh Steady Eddie, relax…you need a woman” and the female bodyguard yelling “Get that camera out of here!” As you can see, not a good picture. Too many people in the picture. My purpose for today was to get him to sign a ball with a regular pen and get another picture. Will mission be accomplished ? Keep reading…


If you don’t know, a ball signed by a sharpie is worthless. It will bleed into the ball and the signature will fade in time. A ball has to be signed by a regular pen. A couple of people have told me that Murray does that in purpose. Basically so you won’t sell the item. Of course, I’m not a seller or a dealer. I just collect autographs as a hobby. But Murray doesn’t care. Anyways, since I got this tip today, I didn’t have time to purchase items for him to sign. I didn’t have nothing. I’m sure I could of found something at home but I didn’t have time to check. Luckily I was able to purchase a ball from someone (The same guy that gave me this tip, thanks dude!) I arrived a little before 6pm. He was scheduled to appear at Beach Pit BBQ. I entered the restaurant and noticed there wasn’t alot of people. Someone approached me and asked me “Are you the guy that has a blog?” lol  I said “yeah that’s me” His name is Ryan and he told me he reads my blog all the time. Thanks Ryan ! Then I asked a employee if Murray was coming. He told me that Murray will be coming and signing autographs for free. I asked if I had to purchase a meal and he said no. That’s cool by me. But then I noticed a couple of people eating and it looked good. Since I’m always hungry, I told my Wife I was going to eat BBQ Chicken. We ordered the food and sat down. Then I will give you a Andre Ethier type review… lol I got this… 


The BBQ Chicken was pretty good. But in no way does it compare to Lucille’s BBQ ! You want bbq Chicken or ribs ? Go to Lucille’s. Enough of my short food review 🙂 When I was about to finish my food, I noticed that Murray entered the Restaurant. He talked to a couple of people and then sat down. A couple of minutes later, he started signing. Fans were already getting in line so I decided to wait until it gets shorter. Not alot of people were there. I think there was less than 30 fans in line. I finished my food and got in line. I asked a couple of fans who already got the autograph if he was in a good or bad mood. Some said he was in a bad mood and others said he looked alright. One guy told me he gave him 3 items to sign but he only signed 2 and if I could get him the other item signed for him. At first I said no because I wanted to get a picture with him and didn’t want to upset him. But then I remembered I could give it to my Wife since she didn’t have anything to get signed. So that’s what I did. I don’t remember the guy’s name but you owe me. lol Then right after he gave me the item, another fan asked me if I could get him a item signed. This time I said no. Sorry dude. So it was my turn to meet him and I gave him the ball with MY PEN ! I didn’t want the same mistake to happen. He grabbed my ball and looked at me….and looked….and looked some more….and a little more….While I was thinking “What is he looking at?” Then I noticed his eyes looking at my hat. Oh fudge, I forgot. I was wearing a Dodgers hat ! I put the hat on purpose but I forgot at that moment that I had it on. It wasn’t a regular Dodger hat. It was the hat that had the Stars and Stripes on it. To see it, click here. The hat that was worn by the players during the 4th of July weekend and on September 11 🙂 I told him “Yeah I’m a big Dodgers fan” and he coughed…and coughed more. “Dodgers treated you bad, huh?” I said. He coughed more. At this moment I thought he was going to need some medical attention. I thought he was choking. Maybe he needed CPR ? I don’t know. I mean I know he got fired by the Dodgers last year during the All-Star break but what’s the problem ? Then he said “Yeah…” Coughed some more. Then he started signing my ball with my pen and this is a picture that my Wife took when I tell him “Yeah brother, that’s right, you better not sign it with a sharpie!”


I asked for a picture and believe it or not he obliged. You have to remember that he also played for the Anaheim Angels and I was in Angels territory (Tustin) so he might have been surprised that a Dodger fan showed up and it seems he is still upset at the Dodgers. Whatever. I got a ball and everything went well. I mean it could of been better. If I was prepared and had more items for him to sign. But in a short notice, it’s all good. Thanks Eddie !  Pix of Eddie telling me “Viva los Dodgers”


Eddie Murray autographed ball on the sweet spot 🙂


BTW, FYI Eddie choking (or coughing anger) True story. Me telling Eddie better not sign it with a sharpie, not a true story 🙂  Don’t want to get sued with false accusations 🙂 lol