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Blue all over L.A.

9-23-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

Bill Dwyre of the L.A. Times wrote a article about how nobody in Los Angeles cares about the Anaheim Angels. I didn’t understand the point of him writing this. I mean, why would we care ? This is a Dodgers town. It will always be. The Angels will always be in the last page compare to the Dodgers being on the front page. It’s the way it is and should be. Angels want front page exposure ? Read the O.C. Register. I have nothing against the Angels. I think they are a great team. I have met most of the players on the team and obtained their autographs. Great guys. But Dodgers own this town 🙂 

Video Time! Found this video honoring Latino Dodger Legends…


9-22-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes


What’s going ? Dodgers are now 2 1/2 games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Dodgers are off today. The Snakes play a 4 game series against the St. Louis Cardinals starting today. With a win, Arizona would only be 2 games back. With a loss, they would be 3 games back. After tonight’s game, the Dodgers and D-Backs will have the same amount of games left, which is EdgarMartinez_Rosie.jpg6 games. Arizona Schedule. Los Angeles Schedule.

Sad Story

I read this sad story on Yahoo! and the Seattle Times. Rosie Santizo was a inspiration to many people and helped alot of the Latin Ball Players. She died in a car crash. Rest in Peace Rosie.

A couple of her sites… Flickr, YouTube, and her blog.

Yankee Stadium

I watched the game on t.v. Very nice. I think they did a nice job in bringing all those old Yankees. It was cool. Now that Yankee Stadium will no longer host a game, Dodger Stadium becomes the third oldest park in the Major Leagues.

Fenway Park 1912

Wrigley Field 1916

Dodger Stadium 1962

Video Time!   The end of Troy ? 

9-19-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

Bookmark !  https://mlblogsbaseballislife.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/foodstand-thumb-550×8241.jpg 

N.L. West

Dodgers have 9 games left. Diamondbacks have 10 games left. We are leading the Snakes by 3 1/2 games. It’s over. Dodgers will clinch this by next week. But of course…Bill Plashke, the King of writing negative stories, just published one in the L.A. Times

Viva Los Dodgers!

Good luck to all those that attend this event. I heard a couple of people will be signing autographs. I have no idea who will be. The usual suspects like Fernando Valenzuela and Jaime Jarrin will be there, but I hear some players might come out. I can’t make it…and I wanted to see Lalo Mora so bad. Oh well lol Hopefully next year 🙂  

Video Time! I was in Mexicali, Baja California last weekend. Attending a baptism. People there are preparing the Serie del Caribe. Mexicali is the home of the Aguilas, a Winter Baseball team. The series should be fun. I might take a game or two. Back in 2005 I saw Fernando Valenzuela pitch in Mexicali. A very different atmosphere than being in Dodger Stadium. Mexicali has a huge Chinese population and while there, it reminded me of this video I saw on the Aguilas website. Funny, funny. Sorry if you don’t read spanish or understand Chinese. 🙂

Here is a pix of me inside Estadio Casas Geo, Mexicali (November, 2005)


 A pix of Fernando Valenzuela warming up….


Finally, a pix of the greatest Concession Stand you will ever see ! 🙂


9-18-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

Dodgers win

Dodgers win today. I’m predicting we clinch this division by next Wednesday.

Leaving Vegas

The Dodgers left their Triple-A affiliate in Las Vegas and signed a agreement to play again in Albuquerque. I don’t really have a opinion about this. Back in 2006 I saw a Spring Training game between the Dodgers and Mariners. I thought the park was nice but you can tell it’s not a modern park. Which looks like the Dodgers wanted. Remember, the Dodgers had a Triple-A team in New Mexico. They were called the Albuquerque Dukes. Cool name. Better than the current one, which is named Albuquerque Isotopes. Pix of me inside Cashman Field.



Soy un 7

I’m # 7 among fans that have a MLBlog 🙂 Thanks for viewing…

Video Time! Found this video…1993 Albuquerque Dukes. Home of the Triple-A Dodgers. Pedro Martinez pitches. Volume is very low…  

9-16-08 MLB & Dodgers Notes

Meet Monday & Davis

You can meet Rick Monday and Tommy Davis. Here are the Details…

Rick Monday will be signing his book at Dodger Stadium on September 19 before the Dodger game. Tommy Davis will be speaking and signing autographs at El Cholo Restaurant on September 24 at 6:30 pm. Call to make your reservation:  949.673.0777 I won’t be attending any of those events. I already have their autographs. Talking about autographs, I have yet to get a autograph this month. I missed on several events because I have been extremely busy. Hopefully, I will get some chances by the end of the month.

Little Ethier

I want to congratulate Andre & Maggie Ethier for the birth of their first baby 🙂

Video Time! Troy just got his Beimel Bobblehead