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Mike Scioscia will always be a Dodger


Today I got a chance to meet Mike Scioscia. The great Dodger catcher. He was signing at a Appliance & TV Store down in Riverside, Ca. I had previously met Scioscia before but I wanted to get some other stuff signed. I showed up at 8am. There was about only 8 people in front of me. I took a 1981 World Series Program and ball. But my brother came later and got me a Dodger mini-helmet. I showed up wearing a Dodger jacket and a Dodger hat. I thought I would only see a few Dodger fans but I was surprised to see alot of them. They still like Scioscia and even though he is a Anaheim Angels manager, we will always respect him. Mike showed up around 10:30 am and quickly started signing. A couple fans who were in front of me were also Dodger fans and all the items that they gave to Mike were Dodger stuff. My wife gave him the ’81 World Series program and when it was my turn, I gave him the Blue Dodgers mini-helmet and he said jokingly “Where is all the Angel Stuff!?” I quickly told him “Angels?” and he signed the helmet without a problem. When he gave it back to me I told him “You will always be a Dodger Mike” and he smiled and said “I don’t know about that” The signature came out nice on the helmet. Mike was very nice and I noticed he signed multiple stuff for fans. I should of brought more items. But you can’t be that greedy. Thanks Mike!