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Blog Update -April 5-


I know some things are still not quite working yet on the blogs. Make sure to check out the blog updates here. It’s frustrating seeing some stuff not working. I was able to post a video in yesterday’s entry. So that seems to work. If you don’t see a entry and only see a “Continue reading…” Please click on that comment! Someone e-mailed me saying that when you click a picture, a blank page comes up. MLB Blogs knows that. They are fixing it. I think that’s about it. I will be posting a couple of enries later tonight. One will be about Mike Scioscia, who I got to meet earlier this morning. Make sure to check it out. Thanks for reading.

Blog Update

There is still no Photo Album. But I got word that’s in process. I wasn’t able to add a slide show here. I’m trying to add a slide show of the Coliseum game. So look for that in the coming days. I’m still having trouble in adding a YouTube video. I hope MLB can fix these things soon. I also noticed that on some computers, the Andruw Jones picture below was huge. So huge that you could only see my shoulder and nothing else. I have fixed that problem. I might add some stuff into the older posts, so keep checking my other entries. My next post will be about the Sunday game vs the Red Sox. Then I will post about Opening day. Thank you!