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Frisco trying to ban Lasorda

San Francisco bans Lasorda ?

I couldn’t believe it when I read this article. Tommy Lasorda has been invited to be the Grand Marshal of the San Francisco Italian American Parade. Sounds nice, right ? Tommy is propably one of the most famous Italian Americans. San Francisco was lucky to have someone like Lasorda to be the Grand Marshal. Well guessLasordaWillPunkU.jpg what ? A San Francisco supervisor by the name of Michela Alioto-Pier wants the organizers of the San Francisco Italian American Parade to kick out Lasorda as the Grand Marshal. Why does she care ? As a politician, couldn’t she worry about other more important things ! ? I called her this morning and of course, she didn’t answer the phone. I left a voice message and said “Giants Suck !” You want to do the same ? Call her at (415) 554-7752 or fax her at (415) 554-7843 If you rather send a “nice” e-mail you can do so at Michela.Alioto-Pier@sfgov.org Tell her how she is wasting her time on something useless and should focus more on important subjects.

Video Time: Tommy Lasorda at his best !   

Dodgers Rally

9-28-08 Dodger Stadium

Dodgers Rally

Tonight I attended the Post-Season Rally. If you didn’t go, don’t worry. Dodgers recorded it and you can see it all by clicking here. It was a nice event. 10,000 fans showed up. More than what a Tampa Bay Rays game draws. The best part was the ending when the Dodgers arrived and Manny Ramirez and others spoke. Can’t wait for the playoffs to begin. Bring on the Cubs ! Here is a picture of Tommy Lasorda yelling at the fans and saying that the Cubs are going down !! 🙂

Here is a pix of Manny Ramirez and Nomar Garciaparra getting ready to speak to the fans. Nomar spoke and then introduced Manny by saying “Here is MannyWood !!!” Fans yelled “MVP, MVP, MVP !!” Then Manny said “First I want to appreciate you guys coming down here and support us and we are going to try to bring a championship to L.A. but you guys got to bring me back next year” The fans went crazy. Manny smiled and jumped up and down.


August 16, 2008 -90’s Luncheon-


August 16, 2008 – 90’s Luncheon at Dodger Stadium.

I have alot to write. Mostly dissapointed stuff. But I will try to ignore it and tell you the positives things. Well…not one great player from the 1990’s was able to come to this event ? Yeah wow, Matt Luke, Billy Ashley, Todd Zeile, Jim Gott, Tommy Lasorda, and Don Aase ? Yeah a “Aase” event it was. O.K. I had to write that first. Now to the positive things. Me and Liz arrived at 12:20 pm. We were instructed to park the car and walk towards the Lodge level. Upon arrival, I was excited. My mind was thinking “KarrosMag_Jim_Gott.JPG, Piazza, Mondesi, Nomo, Hollandsworth…” All the Rookies of the year. Right away, I knew it was true from what I read and heard. This event was not going to be that great. I changed my mind set and just go along with the flow and enjoy it. Sat in a table and checked out the buffet. The food was pretty good. I didn’t take pictures. Sorry. I’m not going to blog it like Andre Ethier! Anyways, ate food and then noticed a couple of players were already there. I noticed Gott was signing autographs so I decided to get up and take a picture with him. I told him I remember him pitching for the Dodgers. He was very nice. He talked alot and was a cool dude. He seemed happy being there. Later I got a item for him to sign. It’s a Dodgers magazine edition of 1993. He said “Wow that’s a long time ago” I said “Yeah it took me forever to find it in the garage” After I said that, I knew I blew it. He probably thought I meant it’s junk. But what I meant was that I have alot of baseball magazines saved in the garage and I explained it to him. No harm. Sorry dude. Next up was Billy Ashley…. 


Do you remember Billy Ashley ? Well if you are old enough, you should remember him. I grew up watching the Dodgers in the 1990’s. Players like Delino Deshields, Greg BillyAshleyCard.jpgGagne, Dave Hansen, Lenny Harris Darryl Strawberry, Eric Davis and the list goes on. Not exactly your 1927 Yankees. But I remember them. When I think about Billy Ashley, the first thing that pops out is a Baseball card that Upper Deck produced. It was from 1995. The first time I saw this, I noticed Erik Karros in the back smiling. I never understood why Upper Deck would produce this. Just weird. Another memory that I have of Ashley is that he was a top prospect in the Dodgers organization. He was the next big thing. Better than Mike Piazza. Check out his Minor League stats. Great stuff, huh ? Well it didn’t work out. He just couldn’t hit a breaking ball in the big leagues. While surfing articles on Ashley, I found this one. While I finished reading it, I noticed it was posted by I. Baly. I believe that’s my brother from another mother. Not sure though. Next up is Todd Zeile….


Todd Zeile is the only player in history to hit a home run for 11 Major League teams. Wow. He played with so many teams that he never got the chance to stay for a while with a team. Finished his career with 253 bombs. I got a ball for him to sign. Thanks for coming Todd. Next, the old guy who almost fell from his chair…. 

Who else ? Tommy Lasorda. On camera, he is a funny guy huh ? But behind the scenes, this is a miserable man. He tells you the funniest stories and later he will tell you “Move it!” or “You got to be ready!” or “You already got an autograph!”  I have a idea for Tommy. Well I guess it’s an idea for the Dodgers. If it bothers him to sign autographs, then why come? Even the Dodgers employees are scared of him. One of them said “get your items ready, he is not in  a good mood” I think I saw him in good mood back in the mid 90’s. He was signing autographs at a West Covina mall. I don’t remember him being so mean. He was nice. Then 2 years ago I saw him walking inside Dodger Stadium. I approached him and he looked scared. He thought I wanted a autograph. Plus with the mean face, I didn’t bother. I just got a pix. Back to the luncheon. Well as far as the autographs go, I was able to obtain 5 autographs from Lasorda at this event. Don’t ask me how I did it because I don’t remember 🙂 I got him to sign a Hall of Fame ball, a 1981 World Series program, a Bobblehead, a Los Angeles Times magazine from 1987, and a LP Record. Awesome. Check out the items…


Then the event started by Charley Steiner asking questions to the legends of the 90’s. After some questions and the people almost falling asleep, a surprise came. My hero Josh Rawitch, brought my other hero, Vin Scully. It was incredible. Check out the pictures…




I think the Dodgers staff knew the fans were not happy about the “Legends” they brought in. So they decided to ask Scully if he can come in and say a few words. I might be wrong, but I believe that’s what happened. Either way, it was cool seeing Scully and speak to us. He said something along the lines that he respects every player that has come up. He remembers only the “Sunny moments” from each player. Very nice. I have this on dvd. I took my camcorder. I should be able to post it on YouTube soon. Well the event ended around 3:30 pm. The staff let us watch the Dodgers practice. We sat on the lodge seats. Here are a couple of pictures of the Dodgers practicing.


Los Dominicanos Juntos..



On to the game. Dodgers were scheduled to play the Milwaukee Brewers. It was Fireworks night. Dodgers lost. It was a fun game but we lost. Some pictures…Meeting Chan Ho Park. Got his autograph on the ticket stub….

Chan Ho Park.JPG

 Beware of this dude…






That’s about it. Peace !

Blog stats, MySpace, Andre Ethier, etc

Blog Star

Hey fans, what’s up! I learned today that my blog is the 10th most visited MLBlogs among fans. I want to thank everyone for visiting the blog. I never thought I would get any feedback from fans and it never was my intention. I just wanted to share my experiences in obtaining autographs from Baseball players and write once in a while about the Dodgers. If no one read this blog, it was ok by me. I did it for fun. It’s cool reading your comments and e-mails. Thank you.

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A friend, Nick, called me the other day to tell me that I’m on Andre Ethier’s MySpace. I didn’t know what he was talking about so I asked him what does he mean I’m on his MySpace ? He gave me instructions to get to his page and click on photos. The first photo is me standing next to Ethier. How cool is that ? Nice. Of course, who knows if it’s really his MySpace. It does look legit but you just never know. Visit his page to check it out for yourself. Thanks Nick for the tip. Talking about MySpace, you can add me if you want. It’s not my personal MySpace. It’s my Baseball MySpace. I never update it, only the picture album. As far as the photo that Ethier
AndreEthier1.jpgposted, it reminds me when that picture was taken. It was taken back in June 24, 2006 He was signing autographs at a Home Show in Glendale, California. Not alot of people showed up. I think around 10 fans. I’m serious. I don’t remember anyone! I even got mad that day because the promoter of the Home Show was telling me that in order of me attending the Home Show, I need to pay a ticket to enter. I told him I’m not interested in  attending and that I only want Ethier’s autograph which was held outside the building. Ethier was not inside. He was outisde under a tent. He said it doesn’t matter. For me to get a autograph, I
AndreEthier3.jpgneeded a ticket and to get the ticket, I had to pay for it. What a punk! lol Speaking of being on MySpace, I got another tip from another reader of the blog, Joseph, who told me that he saw a different picture of me and Ethier at a Dodgers Site. I’ve never read this site before (sorry…!) but I guess the site posted upcoming appearances that the Dodgers will be making and a picture of me and Ethier was on top of it. Check it out here…  I have no idea who runs the site or why they posted one of my pictures. I don’t mind, it’s all good. I’m everywhere! lol


Milano, Ethier, Jones Blogs

Alyssa posted a entry about wanting Andre Ethier to play everyday or else trade him.
AlyssaMilano.jpgI wouldn’t go that far. I want Ethier to play everyday. I think he is able to do it. I see him as the future, which is now. Ethier also updated his blog. With another Restaurant review. This time, he reviewed a Spanish Restaurant. It’s cool reading blogs of players. You get a feeling they are normal people like me and you. Check it out. One guy that never updates his blog, is Andruw Jones… Another blogger, Dodger fan Stephamie Vu, who once in a while leaves me comments, also has a Dodger blog. If you go a little down on the right side, check out “Dodgerstuffs that I read” She has a link to my blog and says “Dude sure knows a lot about how to stalk players! I especially like his one entry with photos of Kemp, Martin, and Young out clubbing.” lol That made me laugh! I’m not a stalker, just a crazy dude that enjoys collecting autographs. 🙂

Hot Links !

Clayton Kershaw gets his 1st win ! Tommy Lasorda still bleeds blue. DO'malleyTortilla.jpgon Mattinlgy is enjoying his time as the Dodgers hitting coach. Another article of Mattingly can be found here. Congratulations to Walter O’Malley for being inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Dodgers ready for the Giants. Interested about the O’Malley Tortilla ? Click here.  

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Video Time!

Andruw Jones gets his daily dinner before the game… (Little Caesars Pizza? I prefer Pizza Hut or tortillas and beans lol) 

MLB & Dodgers Notes – June 23, 2008

First of all, as you know, the Chicago White Sox will be playing a 3 game series at Dodger Stadium. They were just swept by the Chicago Cubs over the weekend. Those were exciting games. More exciting is to know that the managers of those respective teams can rap. Yeah, Ozzie and Lou rap. Who acts more “gangsta” ?

The news out of the Los Angeles Times is that Dodgers general manager Ned Colleti
KimNg.jpgwould allow the Seattle Mariners to talk to Dodgers VP/Assistant GM Kim Ng. Seattle is looking for a GM since recently they fired their GM Bill Bavasi. If Kim ever does get a job with any club as a gm, she would be the first female gm in baseball. I’m sure, she would do a better job than Colleti…. 


Writing about L.A. Times, there is another article written by Chris Dufresne. It’s terrible. It made me sick. He can complain about the Dodgers all he wants.
rallymonkey.jpgBut to compare this franchise to the Angels ? Wow. He wrote stuff like “
Steve Garvey’s forearms leading the charge, always seemed a little too good to be true. The field was too perfect, the grass too green, the home uniforms too white, the portly manager a little bit too over the top” Well I’m sorry we don’t have a dumb rally-monkey!


So has anyone ever had a Tommy Lasorda Wine ? If you want to blowLasordaWine.jpg 500 bucks down the drain, you can purchase a limited edition Lasorda Wine. Buy it here. Apparently, it has won several awards for it’s great taste. He quotes on his blog “Over the weekend I went to the Pamona Fairplex to receive a most prestigious award.  Actually, my Pinot Grigio received the award, as it received a gold medal and was named Best Wine, Best in Class at the 2008 Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition’s inaugural Wine World of Sports, which pitted sports celebrities’ vintages against each other. My Chianti and Montepulciano, d’Abruzzo were also in the top ten, which makes me so happy because I would never get involved with a wine that wouldn’t please the people who drink it.  “It’s especially satisfying because all the wine comes from Italy, which means it’s the best in the world. Nobody makes better wine than the Italians!” Hey Tommy, it’s not Pamona, it’s Pomona !  Also, don’t get drunk in public or else this might happen to you….Later! Peace!

 Thumbnail image for LasordaGoesDown.jpg