Barry Bonds in Los Angeles

Latankfrontprofile_1 I was at Dodger Stadium last night to watch the Dodgers take on Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants. While driving to the stadium I was hearing ESPN Radio 710 am and Alyssa Milano was a guest on the "Big Show" with Mason and Ireland. She says that all the rumors of her and Russell Martin going out are false. I think Russell can do better! Just ask Brad Penny. Well 56,000 people came to watch history. Well we didn’t witness any history. Bonds went 0-2 with 2 walks. I got there 2 hours before game time and watched the Dodgers have batting practice. I noticed alot of media on the field. I also noticed extra security. I guess all this has to do with Bonds. After the Dodgers finished batting practice, I went up to my seats which were in the Reserve level. There I noticed Rudy Law talking to the fans. Rudy is a former Dodger player who once stole 77 bases in one season with the Chicago White Sox. He was there to promote the Dodgers new charity called "ThinkCure" It’s a program to help Cancer Research. Jimmy_fund_7 Dodgers owner Frank McCourt wants fans to help out the cause just like the Boston Red Sox have done with the Jimmy Fund Charity program. I think it’s great for the Dodgers to help out with this terrible disease. Apparently the Dodgers had an ex-Dodger at every level behind home plate and Rudy was on the Reserve Level. I said hi to him and he told me to give money to this cause. He was very nice and I noticed him talking to alot of fans. Rudylaw_2 Back to the game. I got the nachos, soda, hot dog before the 1st inning to not miss any Bonds plate appearances. Whenever Bonds came up to the plate, the stadium went crazy with most fans booing. I noticed that the fans on the left and right field pavillions were standing up. I had never seen that before. It’s funny, most people were booing him but at the same time, people were taking pictures on his every move. If you hate the guy so much, why take his picture ? Overall, it was a interesting game and even though the Dodgers lost, I had fun in watching Bonds and the fans. I won’t attend tonight’s game but I will be there tomorrow. Will you ? Peace out!


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